Monday, March 30, 2009

Girl does some amazing football tricks

So you guys think that girls doesn't know how to play huh? Then take a peek on this video where you can see that this girl knows very well how to do some of the best football tricks. Be honest to yourself, can you do the same stuff as she can? I think that she really very good, so check these vids out and learn!

Learn some great tricks against defenders

Learn some of these tricks and you can be sure that defenders will hate you!

Brazilian changing room

Hi all fans of just the best football tricks, if you have always wanted to see how to looks in changing room of brazilian national team, then check out this videos. In these vids you can see hat for these guys is football real fun and that is how it should be.

awesome chewing-gum trick

Hello, in this video you can see one really awesome tricks with chewing gum, maybe it is not very hygienic but it definetely looks very cool!

amazing football kid

Hi, this kid you can see in these video is definetely very talented and I'm sure that pretty famous also. His name is Cristian Ceballos and what you can see in these videos is something just fantastic. When this was made he was just 12 years old, but as you can see in these videos, he knows some tricks even much older and professional players can't do. check these vids out, I'm sure that you will 'em.

Street football fun

Some just amazing street football tricks

Hi everyone, this video is called insane street footbal and that is exactly what you can see in these videos. I really don't know if all stuff in this video is really, because some things in this video looks really just too perfect and too dificult to not to be fake, anyway it is just perfect video with amazing football tricks, real or not, it looks fantastic.

Best footbal tricks of 2008/09

Best Viva Football Soccer Skills 2008/09 - The most amazing bloopers are here

Best football tricks made by famous players

Hello everyone, this video I have for you this time belongs in category of videos I just love. In these videos you can see some cool in game tricks performed by famous plays and all I can say is just wow, it is really something completely different to perform tricks in the street, at your backyard or in world cup match! You really need the courage for that, because not every time it will work out as it should, but courage is definetely one of the things that describes the best football players in the world.

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Learn some basic football tricks

Hello, watching videos with football tricks might be great, but to actually be able to do some of this stuff is something completely different. Some of these tricks looks pretty impresive and it is not so hard to learn them how it might look. I will always try to put on this blog as many tutorial videos with football tricks I can. Check out this first video, I'm sure that you will like it and you will learn something to impress your buddies

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Some really cool tricks and great music in these vids

Hi all fans of football and football tricks. If you are looking for collection of videos with just the best football tricks, then you are definetely on the right place. On this blog you will always find my favourite videos where you can see really very talented people performing some really cool football tricks. Take a peek on this first video where you can see some cool football tricks and hear perfect music, enjoy it and come back for more videos!

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