Friday, January 22, 2010

Kid shows some crazy fotbal street skills

Hello all of you who are looking for some just best football tricks, I have for you another video where you can see one some quite young guy. Oh hell, he is really amazing. Check out these vids where you can see how this guy shows off some really amazing street footbal tricks and skills.

Monday, January 4, 2010

The PES 2009 tricks challenge

Wow, here is another video that is just amazing, soe really cool tricks you can see in these vids. It is intro to PES 2009 football trcks challenge and as you can see this guy is really very very good. Don't miss it out, you will like that is for sure if you like really great football tricks.

Compilation of tricks and skills of 2009

Hello, 2010 is here so it is the best time for some compilation of the best tricks we could see in 2009. In this video you can see some just really insane stuff indeed. Check out this video where you can see both famous and so famous players, but always doing just crazy stuff with the ball.

16 years old guy from Germany shows off some cool football tricks

Hello, in this video you can see one 16 years old guy from Germany, his name is Lucas and in these videos you can see that he knows very well what to do with the ball. Check these vids out.